Improve Learning

One of the important things we consider when it comes to our child’s education is the credentials and qualifications of the teacher. It is a very crucial factor for your child to learn. However, aside from this we also need to consider the classroom lighting or the lighting we have at home as both of them can affect the way a child learns and retains information.

We all know that reading with insufficient or improper lighting can hurt our eyes and affect our ability to learn and retain what we’re reading. If you’re looking for the right kind of lighting for your home or business, stay away from incandescent lights because of its glare and they are also known to flicker like a strobe light. These can be very distracting especially to children and students with mental conditions and learning disabilities, like those with ADHD and autism.  Children with these conditions may become hyperactive and experience headaches and agitation due to improper or insufficient lighting.

If you have children and you are very much concerned of their education in the classroom or their development at home, then choosing energy efficient LED light bulbs is the best alternative. Here are some of the reasons why LED light bulbs are better incandescent lights.

1) LED lights are quiet and do not produce any noise interference whilst incandescent lighting usually produces a noisy humming sound that can be distracting to those who are trying to study and learn.

2) LED bulbs have a calm and natural kind of light while incandescent bulbs have harsh kind of light and are quite prone to flickering. The calm, natural looking lights of LED bulbs can help children and students retain more of the information they’re trying to learn.

3) Some LED lights can be placed on dimmers which can be quite helpful to those using the computers. A little bit of this lighting can help improve children’s ability to concentrate on what they’re reading on the computer and prevent eye strain and headaches, too. 

Incandescent lights are actually not that bad to use at home. However, if you really want your children to grow with proper development and want them to retain all the things they learn throughout their school years then perhaps it’s time for you to switch to LED light bulbs.  At the same time, consider taking a look or checking if it’s the lighting your children’s classroom that’s keeping them from succeeding.